A Design Review of the ANZ Annual Report : A Lesson In Awesome Design

A Design Review of the ANZ Annual Report : A Lesson In Awesome Design

A Design Review of the ANZ Annual Report : A Lesson In Awesome Design

Ok, so first things first, I thought the ANZ Annual Report was excellent, really well put together, nicely designed, plenty of use of high resolution bright photography, all in all a really well put together and designed annual report. Qantas could learn a lot from these guys. 

ANZ Annual Report : Cover Design

Ok so the cover design. Bang on brand here, you would definitely know it’s ANZ right off the bat. Colours are all on brand, use of the icon on the right there and a nice bright, professionally shot image. We’re off to a good start. When it comes to designing an annual report cover, it’s important to create a visually appealing and impactful design that captures the essence of the company or organisation. I think these guys have done a nice job here. 

ANZ Cover Design

Content Page Design

Look at the content page for the ANZ Annual Report again all is on brand. Use of nice photography, the company blue and the icon leads the reader further into the report, all is looking good so far and there is nice warm tone to the whole thing. 

and annual report

Clever Design

Annual Reports are funny things. You’re tasked with creating an inviting and interesting document out of what can often be pretty boring content. The ANZ Annual Report, while I have no doubt is pretty boring to read, is very nicely presented and looks great. This spread showing the bosses could be pretty lame, but it is greatly warmed up with the including of the lifestyle shot on the left, and the gradient of blue. It warms everything up and takes the eye solely off the suits on the right.

annual report spread

Use of Infographics​

There is good use of infographics shown throughout the ANZ Annual Report. It livens up the report nicely , especially when coupled with nice images, like the one shown here. Infographics help to quickly explain the data to readers, often so they don’t have to wade through the mountains of (often) boring data. All infographics are clear, on brand and work nicely to say what they need to say. 

A Design Review of the ANZ Annual Report : A Lesson In Awesome Design

Every annual report needs to have the financial stuff somewhere. It’s not the most interesting section, but it needs to be there. The ANZ Annual Report financial section is well laid out, everything is clear and exactly where you would expect it to be. It’s uncluttered, and importantly key metrics are indicated with infographics, which is always good. 

A Design Review of the ANZ Annual Report : A Lesson In Awesome Design

ANZ Annual Report : Conclusion

A good annual report is a comprehensive and informative document that effectively communicates a company’s performance, strategy, and future prospects. A good annual report presents information in a clear and concise manner, avoiding jargon and complex language. It should effectively communicate the company’s financial performance, achievements, challenges, and key initiatives.

A good annual report design incorporates a clean and modern layout that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. It utilizes a consistent color scheme, typography, and branding elements to create a cohesive and professional look. The use of informative infographics, charts, and images helps convey complex data and key highlights effectively. The report design strikes a balance between text and visuals, ensuring readability while engaging readers. It incorporates white space strategically to enhance readability and create a sense of sophistication. Overall, a good annual report design captures the essence of the company, presents information clearly, and creates a positive and lasting impression on stakeholders.

All in all this is an excellently designed and put together annual report. From the colours, use of appropriate and (good quality) imagery to infographics where applicable I think it’s clear, easy to read and looks great. 

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