3D Renders for the Real Estate market

We create amazing quality 3D Renders to help you sell your homes

3D Visuals to help you sell your properties

We are experts at creating stunning 3D property renders to help boost your sales

We can create ultra high quality, photo-realistic 3D renders to help your clients visualise the property – before it’s even built, helping you to sell off-plan and get paid sooner. We also help to ‘decorate’ your properties in the most sought after styles, ensuring we catch the current market trends and most importantly, the buyers eye.

3d rendering Australia-3D property Renders

3D Render Creation in Australia

By carefully crafting and dressing your proposed build as a 3D render, we can greatly enhance your changes of early sale

For Single Builds

3D Renders=house layout plan-3D property Renders

For Multiple Builds

What we’ve created

Some of the 3D renderings we have created for Architects, Developers, Home Builders, Agents & Agencies

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3D House Render Australia-3D property Renders

At Pixelo our team have been helping developers, architects, agents and builders to visualise their projects for years. We collaborate with clients to deliver not just the highest quality 3D renderings, but also the most stylish. Utilising the latest in the most sought after trends, we decorate your properties to the exact style clients are looking for right now.

Decorating your virtual property as you would for an open day, ensures prospective clients can picture themselves in that space and are more likely to pay extra for the privilege. Our 3D renders help to increase buyer interest, drive sales and ensure you get paid sooner rather than later.

The 3D Rendering Process

How we go about crafting the perfect 3D Renders for your new build

We excel at the process of taking a flat, uninspiring architectural drawing and turning it into a vibrant 3D render that makes prospective clients want to sign on the dotted line.


Once you send us over your plans, we begin to explore the current market, defining what is currently on trend and how best to approach the look and feel of the 3D Renderings. First impressions are paramount.


After receiving your .dwg files we can begin to build your 3D Model, proofing it over to you to ensure you are happy with the preliminary layout and to receive any changes you require at this point.


We now move forward to dressing the property - an essential step which draws on your clients emotions as they picture their family and future interacting in the space. Emotions are key in times of sales, as they are often the deciding factor in a sale.


We put any last touches needed to the property, which can include landscaping, inclusion of people, pets and vehicles. This all helps to bring the property alive, enabling potential buyers to visualise themselves and their loved one’s there.


Once approved we supply you with your ultra high definition 3D Render. Your complete renders are now ready to showcase in Property Brochures, Online and across the various Social Media platforms, helping to drive interest in your build and convert potential leads into happy buyers.


Upon receiving your proof of the brochure in it’s entirety, we await your feedback. Once received we revise and refine any adjustments needed until the brochure design is at it’s final, perfect form. Once you have thoroughly checked everything and are sure you’re happy with the job, we receive your final sign off and your work is done.


We now create the final files. You may need your brochure printed, so we prep it for print ensuring all files are to press requirements and will give the best results. We also create lower resolution versions for onscreen use and can supply as both pdf documents or hosted flipbooks for your ease. Your job is now complete, sit back and enjoy the compliments of your coworkers on a job well-done.

3d Render-facade rendering Sydney Australia-3D property Renders

3D Facades

Your client, face to face with their new build.

We can create front on 3D facade renders to get your would be clients face-to-face with their new builds. You specify materials, colours and finishes and we create your dream build, all in stunning 3D. Specify your ideal landscaping, roofing, paths and driveways and see it all come to life before your eyes. 

3D Streetscapes

Visualising not just the new build, but it’s surrounds and potential. 

Help potential clients visualise not just their new build, but also what’s next to them and the potential it possesses. 3D Streetscapes allow clients to get the feel for the build and are an excellent addition to any marketing campaigns. 

3d Render-streetscape australia-3D property Renders
3D interior render Australia-3D property Renders

3D Interiors

Enabling your client to visualise themselves in the space leads to higher, and quicker sales.

Creating interiors based on the very latest styles, we help to dress your build ready for sale. From on trend furnishings to the latest in appliances, we create the type of environment your client will pay top dollar to be a part of. 

What do I need to supply you to get started ?

So, we will need floorplans and elevations. These are typically supplied by the architect.


The working files will help us enormously, they will also keep your costs down as we won’t need to model from scratch. Your architect should be able to supply these. Typically these are in CAD or DWG file types. There are others we can accept, just let us know what you can get your hands on.

Other handy documents include:
Any landscape plans, site plans, material to be used, surveys or even mood boards if you fancy having an input on how the build is dressed up.

What can I use my new renders for ?

Your new 3D renders will be ideal for a wide range of marketing purposes. You can use them on your website, promotional brochures, social media campaigns and newspaper/magazine advertising. We will supply your new renders in both high resolution (suitable for print) and lower resolution (ideal for online use). 

Your renders can also be used for council approvals, which can be very useful in being granted planning permissions. 

What if my build needs changes to the plans ?

That's no problem. We can revise any plans for a small additional fee. We just need the updated plans and we can update our models accordingly. 

Can we mix 3D renders and photography ?

We certainly can, in fact this works really well in certain circumstances. Drone shots coupled with 3D renders make excellent site plans, while traditional photography can also be used to to enhance the natural feel for the marketing materials and help to ease the 3D render into the surrounds. 

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