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An carefully crafted annual report will tell the story of your company’s past year and give confidence in what’s to come.

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Annual Report Design

At Pixelo, we have been helping businesses with their annual report design needs since 2010. Through trial and error and repetition of what works, we have streamlined our processes to make the whole experience as simple and effective as possible. Annual reports are a key part of concluding a company’s year, and it’s important you choose the right design company that can convey your data, financials and key findings in a clear and great looking report. Our annual report designs are focused solely on the reader, with the aim to present the data in the most user friendly way possible.

The Creative Process

How we go about crafting the perfect annual report design for your business

So the task of creating your company’s annual report has landed on your desk. An important part of wrapping up and reporting on the years business, it can however mean a lot of work for you. Well, we are here to help. We aim to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, so you can sit back, relax and bask in the praise of your workmates on a job well done.


We take a deep dive into your business in order to explore your brand. The overall look and feel, the type of imagery associated with your company and any other items we feel may come in useful in the creation of the annual report design. We leave no stone unturned getting to know your brand.


Who exactly is this report for? Potential investors, shareholders - with your help, we define the target audience and make sure that the upcoming design is tailored to their needs. The report must clearly and concisely convey all of the years information in an easy to digest manner (while looking great).


Once we have a clear idea of the look and feel of the existing brand, we create a 1st proof of the cover and internal spread. This gives you a look at how we intend the report to look. From here you can request any changes you need until we have it just right and you are happy for us to proceed to the main body of the report.


You’ve received your first proof, now it’s time to offer your feedback. Perhaps you want the colours changed, more imagery added, larger headings, more infographics, less graphs – whatever it might be, any and all feedback is taken on board and we revise until we have it perfect and you are happy to sign off.


You’ve made it. Upon receipt of sign off we create the final files. If the report is going to print we prep the files, ensuring everything is suitable for the type of print being used. If the annual report is going online, we may create small file size versions or even host the flipbook version so you can easily mail out to clients.


Upon receiving your proof of the brochure in it’s entirety, we await your feedback. Once received we revise and refine any adjustments needed until the brochure design is at it’s final, perfect form. Once you have thoroughly checked everything and are sure you’re happy with the job, we receive your final sign off and your work is done.


We now create the final files. You may need your brochure printed, so we prep it for print ensuring all files are to press requirements and will give the best results. We also create lower resolution versions for onscreen use and can supply as both pdf documents or hosted flipbooks for your ease. Your job is now complete, sit back and enjoy the compliments of your coworkers on a job well-done.

Annual Report Design

Report Content

Struggling to find the time to write your content?

The need to create an annual report typically arises at the end of the year, unfortunately this is also when a lot of company’s are at their busiest. This is where our copywriters come into their own. We can create the content to fill your annual report while you get on with your day to day business.

Size Matters

A4, A5. Portrait, landscape or screen size, we can help you figure it out.

There’s quite a bit to figure out when deciding on a report size. What will the end use be? Will it be used predominantly onscreen or in print format. We can advise on how to make the best choice for your business and ensure your annual report really looks great.


What a Finish

Don’t let your annual report fall at the last hurdle with poor print decisions.

A good decision on the print finish of your corporate report is key. We can advise on best paper stocks, best print methods & folding techniques to ensure the report design that ends up in shareholders or potential investors hands, is looking as good as it possibly can.

What will I need to prepare for the report?

Financials are typically the last thing provided, but there are plenty of other things we can crack on with in the meantime. Here’s what you can be working on:

  • Introduction message (often from the director or board)
  • Summary of the year to date
  • The company’s vision key messages
  • Reports from various departments
  • Accomplishments from the year
  • Visual elements (e.g. data for charts, diagrams, infographics)
  • Team photos, company photography, any images you would like to include

I'd like to add infographics, what do you need from me?

An infographic is a visual representation of information. Infographics examples can include such items as images, icons, text, charts, and diagrams all put together cleverly to convey data at a glance.


For us to create wonderful infographics to represent your data, we need a few things:

  • The data itself (the final version, revisions to infographics can be pricey)
  • A quick brief for each infographic
  • That’s it

I need the report by X date, by what stage do you need all the info from me?

Annual reports with a lot of data can be quite time consuming, so the sooner you can get us the data sections the better. Intro sections and pages that contain mainly text can wait until later, but ideally you’d get us the data stuff first. We understand that financials often come last, so we can slot them in at the back in the financial report once all other chapters are setup. You will never see a delay from our end (assuming you have clearly stated your deadline and all parties have agreed on it), any delay (in our experience) typically comes from the clients end as they await information from others.

Can I get an onscreen version of my report to mail out?

Absolutely, we supply all annual report designs as both a print ready pdf and also a lower resolution version for onscreen use. We can also host the report as a flipbook, which is ideal to pop up on your site, or email the link out to shareholders and potential investors. This stops your pdf’s getting trapped in firewalls and ending up in spam (and clogging up people’s inboxes).

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