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For over a decade now we have been creating logos for clients at home and abroad with one purpose in mind – to get their brands noticed. And as Brisbane’s leading graphic design agency, we create memorable branding for companies just like yours, to ensure a professional look, one that conveys something of the ethos of your company and the quality it offers it’s clients.

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Professional Logo Design in Australia

 Your logo design is the very first point of contact with a client. It is imperative to convey your sense of professionalism quickly and in style.

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Logo Design in Australia

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At Pixelo Design Australia, we have been creating eye catching logo designs for our clients since 2010. We have helped clients worldwide to create the right look for their brand. It takes mere seconds for a prospective client to make up their mind about your company, your logo is typically that first impression point, so it’s imperative that the impression is a good one. When done right, your logo acts as the keystone around which all of your additional marketing materials are built. If the logo is strong, so too will your additional materials, we build strong, noticeable brands to help ensure your business has the best start possible.  

The Creative Process

How we go about creating your brands best possible logo design

For over a decade we have been linking people to brands across Australia. With insightful brand strategy and creative logo design we help build a professional appearance for our clients businesses.
Here’s how we do it.


We start off by researching your brand, or if it’s a new start-up we listen closely to what you have in mind for your new company. What is the look and feel for the new logo, what is the intended perception you are aiming for from prospective clients. All of this goes into the initial background before we even begin our first design.


With your guidance and brief, we set out who the target demographic might be and ensure your logo is tailored to a look that industry might expect. It is essential that your logo comes across as both professional and trustworthy. The design process begins.


We begin developing your new logo design concepts. We work closely with you to ensure your new logo is a perfect fit for your business and in line with your brief requirements. Typically first drafts of proofs contain 3-4 unique versions, here we explore various options such as layout, colour and font variations.


Once you have received your initial proofs, this is your chance to eliminate the designs you don’t like, and focus in on those you do. We can begin to form an overall look as to how the final version might appear now. Refinement will occur in the subsequent proofs (sometimes we hit the nail on the head first time though, which is great).


We now deliver the final logo files all complete. We send you complete final files packaged, and outline the best filetype to use in each situation. Pop this logopack somewhere safe as you will need it for all your forthcoming marketing materials you send out.

Packaging Design

First Impressions

You’ll never get a 2nd chance to leave a good one

Your logo needs to grab the viewers attention first time,  and make a good impression. It needs to clearly state what it is you do, and give the appearance of professionalism. Your brand needs to align with prospective buyers lifestyles and perceptions on what a strong brand should look like. 


We have a wide range of experience in many diverse lines of business

With over a decade in the logo design business, we have created 1000’s of quality designs for companies at home and abroad. We have worked with businesses in all fields, from the new start up’s to Fortune 500 companies.

Graphic Design


So who really own’s your logo design now

In short, you do. We retain no ownership over your logo once it is completed and paid for. Some companies choose to register their logo as a registered trademark, which you can do easily at IP Australia using the files we supply you.

Don’t just take our word for it

I have an idea in my head, can I send you some sketches (however rough)

Absolutely. This is always great to see and super handy. It gives us a great insight into what you have in mind. It doesn’t matter how dodgy your sketching might be, it’s the idea that helps, we’re not expecting you to be DaVinci

In what formats will I receive my files?

Your logopack will include several files for print, some of which you may not have the software to open, but printers, signwriters and other graphic and web designers will find very handy. These are .ai, eps and pdf. All of our logos designs are in what’s called vector format, meaning you can shrink them or scale them up and the quality remains perfect every time.


The remaining files you receive will be for screen use, including jpeg, gif and bmp files.

What are your turn around times like?

Typically we aim to have the first draft of proofs over to you within 5 days. Usually it’s much faster. From there, once we receive your feedback we revise the designs and get you a fresh batch of proofs. It’s not down to personal preference between the last runners in the race and then blam, we have a winner. The whole process usually takes around a week and a half, give or take if you need to consult with other team members.

I'm pretty busy, can we do all this via email?

Absolutely. The vast majority of our clients are either interstate or overseas, so managing projects via email is perfect. You can tell us all you need via mail, and that gives us the time to work our way through any changes and get back to you with revisions. It also leaves a ‘paper’ trail should one of us forget something and need to refer back, so much better than phone chats in that respect, but totally happy to pick up the phone if you’d like a chat to kickstart things.

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