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With a wide range of graphic design services on offer, Pixelo Design Australia can help your brand look it’s very best. From one off pieces to ongoing jobs, we have the skills and capacity to suit your business needs.

Creating quality graphic design is what we’re about.

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Are you looking for a top quality graphic designer you can rely on. Someone you can entrust a brief to and know that the work will be delivered on time, on budget and to an excellent standard. Well, that is exactly what we deliver at Pixelo Design Australia. We create top quality designs that tie in seamlessly with your existing brand identity to ensure brand consistency and a professional look and feel.

Graphic Design

Quality Graphic Design in Australia

By ensuring your branding is consistently great across the board,  we can create a professional appearance for your company, ensuring a strong brand identity and building customer confidence.

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Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

At Pixelo Design Australia, we have been helping Australian businesses with their graphic design needs for over a decade. We create quality designs for a wide range of businesses, from mining to startup’s, e-commerce to construction, we’ve seen it all. We coordinate with clients to ensure our graphic design work is consistent with your brand look so that everthing you put out to the public has the same look and feel, helping to improve your brand recognition and build brand awareness. We pride ourselves offering international quality graphic design services for a fraction of the price you will pay at the larger agencies. So get in touch and let us show you what we can do for your business.

The Creative Process

How we go about creating international quality designs for our clients
By creating consistent (quality) designs for your business, we ensure everything a client sees from you looks similar, and just feels like your company. We go through a creative process for every job, assessing the existing branding materials and making sure what we put out, is on brand for you.


We start things off by exploring your company and the look they present to the world. Is the look professional and in keeping with the message you want to convey. We bear all of this in mind as we move forward and contemplate how our designs will shape up.


Who exactly will see these designs, who are the target market. Will the design work we create answer a particular question a client may have regarding your products & services. By laying these things out, we can ensure that they do.


Once we know who will be viewing the work and who it is aimed at, we begin creating the first draft of the design. This gives you an idea of how the job will look, but is subject to any feedback yourself or your team may yet have. Initial designs can end up quite different at the end once feedback is considered.


We now receive your feedback, sometimes minor, sometimes extensive. We then create a revised version of the designs and proof back with the changes made. Sometimes an additional proof or two are required, but the design is now taking shape and moving towards it’s final delivered version.


The final files are now created. If it’s for print we check all artwork for issues that arise during print processes. If it’s for screen use we make sure the variations in screens and viewing types are factored in. Final files are delivered to the client and you now have another quality piece of marketing material to help boost your company sales.


Upon receiving your proof of the brochure in it’s entirety, we await your feedback. Once received we revise and refine any adjustments needed until the brochure design is at it’s final, perfect form. Once you have thoroughly checked everything and are sure you’re happy with the job, we receive your final sign off and your work is done.


We now create the final files. You may need your brochure printed, so we prep it for print ensuring all files are to press requirements and will give the best results. We also create lower resolution versions for onscreen use and can supply as both pdf documents or hosted flipbooks for your ease. Your job is now complete, sit back and enjoy the compliments of your coworkers on a job well-done.

Graphic Design

Document Design

A myriad of design options to help promote your business

Document design can mean a variety of things. Common one’s we encounter would be design of flyers, posters, promotional materials, exhibition stands, it’s really varied but as long as your branding is consistent across them all, you’re on to a winner.

Corporate stationery

Letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoices and much more, we can create them all. 

Corporate stationery is still very much a key part of a company’s communication material. A well presented business card or letterhead says something about a company, and helps to make a good first impression.
Graphic Design
Graphic Design


Presenting your logo in it’s best possible manner
Signage can either be stationery (on a building for example) but also mobile, driving around our city streets and acting as a mobile advertisement for your business. We can ensure that your signage looks great, regardless of where it’s seen.  

How much does professional graphic design cost?

Well, that all depends really. What is it that you need designed ? Smaller items such as business cards would be on the cheaper end of the scale, moving all the way up to items like exhibition graphics. The best thing to do is fill in the quote request form below and let us price your job up for you, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable we are for your business.  

I can’t afford a full time designer, can I contact you occasionally?

Absolutely. That’s what we do for most of our clients. They may need a design here and there but not have enough work to warrant employing a designer full time. We create the designs when and if you need them, scaling up and down as your demand requires it.

Why can’t I just design this stuff myself?

Well, to be blunt, because there is a good chance it will look awful. We have years and years of experience creating quality designs to make our clients look professional and on top of their game. Creating the designs yourself in order to save some money often does more damage than it’s worth as it lowers the quality of your company’s image. If clients think you can’t be bothered to look after your own affairs, they may not trust you to look after theirs.

There’s loads of design companies out there, why should I work with Pixelo?

Good question. Well, if you’re interested in having your company look great, on all marketing material you put out, at an excellent price and a quick turnaround time then we’re the right fit for you. If you’re more interested in marketing jargon, inflated prices and being billed for every small revision you make, there are tones of design companies out there who would be only more than happy to separate you from your hard earned dollars.

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