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Capture the attention of passers by and increase the foot traffic to your exhibition or retail area with custom floor graphics design from Pixelo.

Enhance your exhibition or retails space even more with custom floor graphics

Lead the consumer just where you want them

Floor graphics are visual designs or offers applied directly to your floor surface. Used for advertising, wayfinding, or decorative purposes they can be temporary or permanent, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the your exhibition or retail space. 

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custom floor graphics for your business or exhibition space

Most businesses totally overlook the floor area as an advertising space. By adding custom floor graphics you can greatly enhance conversion rates and visitor engagement. 

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Pixelo floor graphics offer multiple benefits for businesses. Firstly, they serve as effective advertising tools, capturing the attention of customers at ground level. They can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas, increasing brand visibility and promoting specific products or services. Additionally, floor graphics aid in wayfinding, guiding customers through a space and directing them to key areas or promotions. They enhance the overall customer experience by providing clear visual cues and reducing confusion.

Floor graphics also have a decorative aspect, transforming dull or plain floors like those at exhibition areas into visually appealing and engaging spaces. They can incorporate company branding, logos, or creative designs, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere. Overall, floor graphics offer a creative and impactful way for businesses to communicate, engage customers, and enhance their brand presence at a very affordable price. 

The Creative Process

How we go about crafting the perfect floor graphics design for you

When we at Pixelo are designing great floor graphics it requires attention to several key elements. Firstly, we consider the space and purpose of the graphics. Clear, bold visuals and concise messaging are essential. We use contrasting colours, legible fonts, and simple imagery. We ensure the design aligns with your brand identity and complements the overall aesthetic. Finally, we consider durability and slip resistance to ensure longevity and safety.


Direct your potential customers to exactly where you want them with directional floor graphics. From arrows to footprints, there are a myriad of clever options to lead your customers to where you want them.


You can add your unique floor graphics to further re-enforce your branding at a multitude of locations – retail stores, trade shows, exhibition stands, sports arenas and much much more.


Providing additional information on products and services via custom floor graphics can be a great way to educate clients and help boost conversion rates.


Upon receiving your proof of the exhibition stand in it’s entirety, we await your feedback. Once received we revise and refine any adjustments needed until the stand design is at it’s final, perfect form. Once you have thoroughly checked everything and are sure you’re happy with the job, we receive your final sign off and your work is done.


We now create the final files. You may need your exhibition stand printed, so we prep it for print ensuring all files are to press requirements and will give the best results. We then send the files off to the exhibition stand printers. The items will be shipped direct to you, or to the exhibition itself if you prefer. Now all you have to do is away show day and reel in the customers.

Be Loud

You're all branded up. Your walls carry your logo, bright imagery and latest offers, your product is front and centre.....but look at all that wasted space on the floor. People are increasingly looking down while staring at their phones, now is your chance to grab their attention and direct them towards your product or exhibition stand.


Custom floor graphics can help you to convert more potential customers into actual paying customers. By giving you another avenue in which to market to potential clients, Pixelo floor graphics can help to boost conversion rates and increase brand recognition all at a super low cost. You'd be mad not to try it.

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Floor Graphics

Grabbing the attention of the crowd any way you can will make all the difference at a busy trade show event

Pixelo Design have helped hundreds of businesses all over Australia get noticed at trade events with custom floor graphics. Our inspired graphics add another dimension to your marketing and help your business get feet in the door. 

Retail Therapy

In the crowded space of retail, you need every tool in the box to help stand out from competitors

With Pixelo’s custom floor graphics, we can create eye catching designs to help boost foot traffic to your retail outlet. Whether it’s your latest offer, newest product to simply awesome graphics, we can help to boost those visiting your retail unit and making that all important purchase. 

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Get Noticed

Maximise where you can advertise with custom floor graphics from Pixelo Design

Get ahead of your competitors by utilizing every square inch of space you have to sell, sell, sell. Walls are the most common one’s, but have you considered promotional items hanging from the roof, or even better custom floor graphics to really capture your prospective clients attention and maximise conversion rates.

How easy is it to install floor graphics?

Floor graphics are really easy to install. The peel & stick variety only take minutes to install, popping them down as you would any other type of sticker. Larger stickers can be trickier, but don’t worry, we can send someone out to look after that for you.

What kinds of floors can floor graphics be put on?

Pretty much any surface is fine to install floor graphics. Rough or smooth, the vast majority will take floor graphics without too much dramas. As long as the floor isn’t damaged, wet or uneven, you should be good to go. Give it a clean, let it dry and you’re all set

How Long Do Floor Graphics Last?

Typically floor graphics can last around 12 months, but really it depends on the foot traffic. As floors are much more used than walls, the amount of wear and tear will be significantly higher. Keep an eye on them, if you notice them getting scuffed and worn looking, simply get in touch and order a reprint and you can replace the old with a nice shiny new one.

What designs can I put on my floor graphics?

Anything you like really. Common uses are branding, high res images, arrows to lead a client to an offer or exhibition stand, pretty much anything you want. If you want a customer, patient or visitor to go to a certain place, then floor graphics are the ideal way to lead them there. 

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