How to Market A Property Development in 5 Simple Steps

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How to Market A Property Development in 5 Simple Steps

In this article we will try to impart some of our experience in the property market and what we believe are the important aspects from a design point of view in how to market a property development. What we are referencing here are off-the-plans sales, as these allow the developer to get paid sooner, and the designers more items to work on.

1. Perception is key

Often purchasing property is an emotional thing, unless perhaps it’s for investment purposes. If you are purchasing a home for your family, then your perception of how that house could be a home is key towards the sale. You will need to put in place certain elements to allow the would be buyer a clear perception of their home.

2. Property Development Logo Design

Every quality development needs a logo, something to base the entire look and feel of all subsequent marketing materials on. Your logo will set the tone for the development, whether it’s traditional and high quality, or modern and sleek. A quality logo design is an integral piece of your marketing arsenal. So in wondering how to market a property development, always start with the logo. 

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3. Visualisation – 3D Rendering

When dealing with off-the-plans sales, it’s important to get really good 3D renders made. These will help your clients visualise the completed property and allow themselves to picture life there. There are several renders you can have created, including

4. Brochure Development

The next key step in how to market a property development is the brochure. A well laid out property brochure that shows off your 3D renders and lays out all of the property details will be worth it’s weight in gold. Your client can bring them home, pour over them and refer back to them again and again. Once the brochure is designed, it’s crucial to have them really nicely printed on quality paper stock. You are selling a premium product, it’s important your brochure reflects this. Do not skimp on the paper, it will give a cheap feeling to the whole thing.

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5. Construction Mesh Banners

Construction of your site will go on for quite some time. During that time you have the opportunity to market to passing traffic using Construction Mesh Banners. This will allow those interested in your development to get a sneak peek inside (by including the 3D renders on the banners), see your website and contact details and see your construction company logo, which generates exposure for your brand. Passing traffic can offer significant increases in enquiries, and should be availed of wherever possible.

How to Market A Property Development in 5 Simple Steps


At Pixelo Design we are experts at providing Property Development companies the right designs in order to get their projects noticed, and sold off-plans. If you have a project in mind we would love to hear about it. Get in touch and let’s get things started.

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