Are graphic designers around you the right fit for the job?

Graphic Designers Near Me

Are graphic designers around you the right fit for the job?

So, you’re looking for a graphic designer and you find yourself searching for graphic designers near me, understandable. But what if the graphics designers around you are not the right fit for the job, what if they are not the best one’s to suit your specific needs, let’s investigate this more !

There are very few jobs out there as flexible as Graphic Design. A graphic designer can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have :

  1. A decent laptop

  2. Good WiFi

  3. And……that’s it really

Personally I deal with clients from all over the world, all while sat in my office in Brisbane. It makes no difference to me whether the client is in Ireland, or right here in sunny Australia. Correspondence is pretty much all via email these days anyway so proximity to your designer is of little consequence. The benefit of being able to hire a graphic designer anywhere, is that you obviously have a far larger choice. Your net, from typing graphic designers near me has suddenly expanded enormously to included designers all over Australia (or further beyond if you’re feeling adventurous).

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Graphic Designers near me, how to pick a good one.

So, now that you have expanded your search, what should you look for in a graphic designer.

The first thing I would recommend is not really design related at all, it’s how quick they get back to your emails. People who take days (or even weeks) to respond to emails are a big no no in my book. It’s just crappy customer service. You should be getting a reply within the day. Personally I reply within the hour, usually faster but as long as it’s within the day you should be fine.

The second thing is how good are they. Have you checked out their work. Have they examples they can show you of similar stuff to what you are looking for. Do they have experience in your particular needs. Pretty basic stuff, but you would be surprised how many clients we get coming to us with some crap a designer has produced and asking us to fix it. A bit of due diligence up from is never any harm.

Do not go for the (super) cheapest option. There is good reason for this, if its’ super cheap, it’s often super crap. Not always, but often. If the price is cheap then be extra vigilant on checking their work. You might hit a bargain, but you might also hit a turd, so consider whether it’s worth it in terms of your time and effort.

Graphic Designers Near Me

So once you have decided on a designer, take note of how they work. How long before you see your first proof, how long before they make any changes you need and send you the revisions. Once you have signed off what file formats will they provide you with and are they going to keep charging you for every little change (which can quickly add up). At Pixelo we realise you may not have done this before, or you made a mistake in proofing (we all do) so we don’t charge for those little changes here and there, it’s a bad move. We’re more concerned with you being happy with the job, building a good rapport with the client and seeing them come back again and again. If you feel like a designer has fleeced you, you aren’t going to be too keen to come back again, so choose your designer wisely.

So if you are ready to expand your horizons beyond graphic designers near me and if you couldn’t be bothered with all that hassle mentioned above, then just cut to the chase and get in touch with us. We have over a decade in design experience, have worked with clients from every corner of Australia and all over Europe and produce excellent quality work. Your emails will be answered promptly and you will be charged a great price. What more could you possible ask for ? Sounds good, then click below to get in touch and let’s have a chat. 

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